Public Speaking Made Easy

Does The Thought of Public Speaking Scare You?

Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia is extremely common and is believed to affect up to 75 percent of the population. If you’re a part of that statistic, you’ve come to the right place!

We can all agree that being able to speak in a public setting is a great skill to have and will increase our influence and impact, yet for so many people, the thought of speaking in public is extremely daunting.

Researchers have identified many reasons why people are afraid of public speaking. They’ve also found that the way we feel and think about the prospect of having to speak in public can hugely impact the amount of fear we experience and of course how we perform.

This workshop is packed full with practical tips and techniques that will equip you to feel both comfortable and confident when needing to step up and speak in public.

During our time together, you will engage in exercises that will effectively prepare you for a speaking event. You will learn how to:

- Master negative emotions and develop the right mindset to give a great presentation
- Structure a presentation to create flow and impact
- Use your voice and body language in a manner that positively enhances your presentation
- Connect with your audience in a way that opens them up to receive your message

Start conquering your fear of public speaking and start to increase your influence and impact. Sign up for Public Speaking Made Easy today!

Meet Mary Eniolu, Facilitator of Public Speaking Made Easy

Solicitor, Author and Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach, Mary Eniolu is founder and owner of Can Do Academy, a professional training and coaching company dedicated to helping individuals, businesses and organisations achieve peak performance and profits through personal and leadership development and by creating productive cultures where people thrive.

Mary believes everyone has unlimited potential and is passionate about helping people close the gap between their performance and potential.

When you attend this events, not only will you get high class, custom designed content delivered in a manner that shifts mindsets and ignites and inspires you in the moment, but you are guaranteed to leave empowered with practical, actionable steps you can begin to implement immediately to elevate your performance and see lasting change!

Words often used to describe Mary as a communicator are Inspirational, passionate, motivational and engaging. She loves to inspire her audience with great content, laced with humour and inspiring stories, delivered in a manner that connects and captures their attention, leaving them wanting more. Her enthusiastic, down to earth, and engaging style of delivery enables her to authentically connect with any audience, inspiring and motivating them to take action that creates transformational change.

We can't wait to meet you!

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Can Do Academy

Speak with Confidence in Public

Being able to communicate your message or ides clearly in any public setting, be it to your local networking group, the executive board at work or to larger audiences, can help you advance your career, grow your business, increase your influence with others, and form strong collaborations and bonds.

Public speaking skills can also be very handy in your personal life. You might be asked to give a speech at a friend’s wedding, introduce a speaker for a community event, or give a eulogy for a loved one.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your presentation skills, this workshop has got you covered!

I Can’t Wait to Share With You on Thursday, November 17th; 10.00am to 12.30pm; Tickets £45.00

When And Where
From November 17, 2022 - 10:00 AM To 3:00 PM GMT
Station Road Maidstone ME14 1QJ United Kingdom